Alaska Tourism


For most people, the region of Alaska would automatically evoke the images of igloos, Eskimos, and dog mushing. But did you know that this north western state is also renowned as a fantastic whale watching site?

Alaska Tourism


offers some of the best spots when it comes to observing whales. Species such as humpbacks, orcas, gray whales, white whale pod, and beluga appear in abundance during different seasons.

Here are some of the best whale watching spots in Alaska:

  • South East Alaska
    Between the months of June and September, you will catch a glimpse of these huge creatures. Ride on whale watching boats and enjoy the cool season while observing species such as orcas or killer whales, humpbacks, and minkes. Apart from this, you can enjoy other activities such as kayaking, sailing, and fishing

Whale tourism Alaska

  • South Central Gulf of Alaska
    In this area, you will enjoy feeding whale species such as the humpback and gray whales. You will also definitely love the thrilling experience of watching whales while cruising aboard a large catamaran boat.
  • North Alaska
    North Alaska is best visited during the summer months for whale watching. This is because, during this season an estimated 20,000 gray whales migrate to the waters of Alaska for feeding and breading.